MojitoA British icon. Reimagined.

Mini Mojito
Mini Mojito
Mini Mojito

A fresh take on a motoring classic. The Mini Mojito is for the discerning. Those that value individuality. Those that want to discover a new sense of freedom. Those that love to have fun.

Restored by traditional British coachbuilders Crayford®, the Mini Mojito is a car that takes its punchy personality from the iconic Mk1 Mini.

But while its look is authentically early 1960s and stylishly simplistic, the Mojito has been re-engineered using up-to-date technology and the option of a fully-electric powertrain adds to its modern-day relevance.

The best of British craftsmanship


The Crayford® name is back

We're redefining what's possible when you harness passion, ingenuity and a deep appreciation for more than 60 years of motoring heritage.


The Mini Mojito

Reminiscent of the original Mini-based Beach Car, the Crayford® Mini Mojito has been re-engineered using up-to-date technology – including a modern braking system – to create a contemporary runabout that's fun and easy to drive.


Luxury materials and trim

Perfect for use on the quayside or at the beach, the Mini Mojito has been built using the highest grade materials, synonymous with the superyacht industry.

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Bespoke specification

The Crayford® Mini Mojito can be exclusively configured based on owner preference. We offer a choice between a Cooper-specification high output conventional petrol engine or a fully-electric powertrain.

Crayford® is an icon of British motoring. We’ve spent the last two years assembling a team to revive the brand in a way that remains loyal to its 64-year heritage and creative spirit.

Kent Thirley
Executive director, Crayford®

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Brand heritage
Brand heritage
Brand heritage
Brand heritage

The Mini Mojito is the first vehicle to be launched under the reinvigorated Crayford® brand, which has more than 60 years of British coachbuilding heritage behind it.

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Luxury trim
Luxury trim
Luxury trim
Luxury trim

The Mini Mojito is a sophisticated vehicle. When designing the interior, we’ve only specified the best materials – many of which are synonymous with the superyacht industry.

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Aftersales support
Aftersales support
Aftersales support
Aftersales support

The Mini Mojito is fully supported by the skilled engineers and technicians at Crayford®’s UK-based service, restoration and sales facility.

EV option
EV option
EV option
EV option

Our efforts to make the Mini Mojito fun and easy to drive are supported by us offering a smooth and efficient EV powertrain as an alternative to a Cooper-specification high output conventional petrol engine.

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MOJITOBespoke specification

Stage 1

The Crayford Mini Mojito can be exclusively configured based on owner preference. Scroll to see our standard specification and options.

Stage 2

The Crayford Mini Mojito in standard specification includes:

New front and rear subframes
Fully rebuilt and upgraded engine / gearbox
All new Cooper specification braking system with Aeroquip brake lines
All new running gear / shock absorbers / steering rack etc
Cooper ‘S’ wheels
All new ‘hi-lo’ adjustable suspension
All new wiring loom
Generator upgraded to alternator
Stage 3

The options that are available on the Crayford Mini Mojito include:

Engine upgrade to 1275 cc
EV powertrain
Servo assisted braking system
Satellite navigation / Bluetooth
Upgraded sound system
Picnic basket set
Wooden Moto Lita steering wheel
Non-standard exterior and interior colours / materials
Surf / paddle board rack

The Crayford storyRedefining motoring since 1963


Investing just £20 each, David McMullan and fellow founder Jeff Smith establish Crayford Auto Developments. The Mini convertible is the first car to roll out of their workshop.


The Crayford Mini is a big success in the UK – and as far afield as Australia. The Crayford Mk1 Ford Cortina is unveiled at London’s Racing Car Show.


Crayford Mini convertibles are given away as prizes in a competition run by Heinz 57. Crayford supplies 57 Wolseley conversions exclusively to the food company. The BMC 1100 Estate conversion is also launched.

One Of Fifty Seven – Mark Robinson on Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0)


The deposit to purchase a Crayford factory in Westerham is funded by the Heinz collaboration, and the name Crayford Auto Development Ltd is registered.


The Crayford Rover 2000/V8 P6 Estate is revealed, as well as the Vauxhall Viva HB Cabriolet, Capri convertible, BMC 1300 Cabriolet, V8 Capri Saloon, Mercedes-Benz 114 ‘Compact’ Estate and the Austin 3-litre Estate.

1967 Ford Crayford Mk II Cortina Convertible – Sicnag (CC BY 2.0)


Crayford introduces the Mk3 Ford Cortina Sunshine to market, as well as the world’s smallest four-wheel car, the William Microcar. The coachbuilder also develops the Di Blasi 50cc folding motorcycle which is transported in a bag.

Ford Crayford Cortina – photo on Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)


Crayford launches its Mercedes Benz “S” Estate, BL 2200 series 5 door Hatchback, and the Austin Allegro. Spain ranks as the brand’s largest export market.

1974 Mercedes-Benz Estate by Crayford – Alden Jewell on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)


Crayford exhibits a three-door Mercedes Benz 450 SLC and a Volkswagen Scirocco Crayford convertible at the NEC Motor Show. At the October Motor Show, it displays its last convertible Ford Cortina, based on the Mk5. Later, the Fiesta Fly is unveiled.

Rover 3500 Series II Estate – Simon GP Geoghegan (CC BY 3.0)


The Leyland International Roadtrain truck becomes Crayford’s largest-ever convertible, while other notable one-off projects include a Ford Escort XR3 saloon, Sierra Turbo, and a Capri 280.

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